My name is Michael Spackman, and I am a budding internet marketer. I created this page as a sort-of resume and some of the projects I have or am currently working on.

My wife and I are building a music training website where we offer tools for parents and educators to provide music training to children. We're in Beta Enrollment for the next month and the price is ridiculously low. If you're at all interested, subscribe to our site before the price goes up at Teaching-Children-Music.com

I worked for a while as a Solar Energy Senior Sales Consultant, for more information about that go to SmartEnergy.Ninja. I would love to help you navigate the industry and get some awesome information about ways to be smart with your energy. We also offer other things like EMF smart meter protection.

We are a growing family with a dream to hit the road and see the country. We've started a travel blog about our adventures at SpackmansOnTheRoad.com

Feel free to contact me If you have any feedback for me, or would like more information about anything I'm working on.